Enrique Iglesias Talks With “Icon”

In a new and revealing interview with “Icon” Enrique spoke about his new relationship with his Father Julio Iglesias, new music, family and more.

Check out the full interview below:


One night two weeks ago, Enrique Iglesias took advantage that his twin children were asleep to put on a movie. He wanted to relax. He served himself a vodka with only ice and sat on the couch in his Miami home. He doesn’t remember the movie’s title, but the story moved him and prompted him to pick up the phone. He needed to talk to his father, Julio Iglesias. “He immediately picked up the phone. We had a very nice conversation. I was in good spirits. It was one of those conversations in which you are aware that it is special. It comforted me a lot.”

“At 18 I separated from my family completely. And it was difficult. I left and for ten years I had absolutely no contact with my father. I didn’t start having contact with him until my grandfather passed away [2005, when Enrique Iglesias was already 30]. Many years I suffered a lot. But what I felt for my music gave me strength. And, above all, I pursued the goal to do it my way. ”

“I packed my bags and went to live in Canada. Without much thought, I went there because I knew it was like living in the United States, but I didn’t know anyone at all. Since I didn’t know anyone, I could concentrate on my music and work.

“My father is a very competitive guy, and I, in a way, too. We have a mutual respect, more now than 25 years ago. He is my father and I love him with all my soul. I respect him and admire him and even in part I understand the things he has done in his career and in his personal life.”
“When I am a little depressed now I go to see my children and I say to myself: ‘But how can I be so selfish to be down for this or by being here.’ As long as my two babies are happy and I am a good father, the rest is secondary.”
“Now I think about it more. I cried a lot in the beginning. There was a particular moment. I went to San Francisco to mix my first album. I was there a month. I remember going back to the hotel, being there alone and crying. And though: ‘What am I doing: I have lost contact with my family completely.’ Because it affected everything. Especially with my father, but also with the rest of the family. ”
“Its funny, because I’ve heard it a thousand times: ‘That a kid who has grown up in a famous  family, with a famous father who has everything done and the world at his feet’ . What, have I had opportunities that other artists may not have had? Of course. But to some extent, for people say that I have achieved everything because of my father seems ignorant to me. It is impossible to succeed in this business if you don’t have songs that connect with the public. It is impossible for someone to succeed because their father says: ‘I want my son to be a famous singer.’
“What Rosalia has achieved is really spectacular. Rosalia is an artist that is exploding right now all over the world. I would love to collaborate with her. ” He does not believe t “It happens worldwide. As soon as you get a certain level of success you have people sticking with you. ”
“In 2008 everything changed me a lot. Thanks to the collaborations I have made in my career I have evolved. Because you have your style and if you want to evolve you have to collaborate and write with other artists.”

Despite having lived almost all your life in Miami, do you maintain Spanish nationality? Yes, in fact, I only have Spanish nationality. I am in the US with a work visa.

Did you vote in the last elections in Spain, those in November? Yes, I voted in the last elections.

Who did you vote for? No, I’m sorry, I’m not going to tell him [he says it with a kind tone].

Ok, but what do you think of the results, the rise of a far-right party like Vox? Look, things in Spain are very upset. What I want is for things to go well. I hope everything goes well.

What do you think about the pact between Pedro Sánchez and Pablo Iglesias? Don’t ask me about politics, please. More music and less politics.

I said it by having firsthand a vision of someone living outside of Spain. Sometimes a vision from a distance is more accurate . Eeeeeehhh. Things are upset, but not only in Spain. Also in the United States and in some Latin American countries …

How do you see the situation in Catalonia? I have a lot of love for Catalonia. I have many Catalan friends and they have always received me with great affection. And I am sorry that what is happening is happening.

If I ask you how many brothers you have, do you have to think about it? We are ten. Wait, wait [and thinks for two seconds]. There are ten, yes. Or supposedly 11 [laughs].

How does the new brother feel? It does not worry me. This attracts more attention because my father is very famous, but these are things that happen in families. Has it not happened to you?


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