Enrique Iglesias Performing in Bahrain

Enrique Iglesias perform in Bahrain last night as part of the Bahrain International Circuit!

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Enrique Iglesias Chats With Fans on Facebook and Instagram Live

Enrique Iglesias jumped on Facebook and Instagram Live today to chat with fans about the “Súbeme La Radio” music video!

Enrique answered questions about shooting in Cuba, his upcoming US tour, and FaceTimed with fans. During his Instagram Live showed off his new dog, Max.

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Enrique Iglesias Shares Exclusive Content from ‘Súbeme La Radio’

All week Enrique Iglesias has been sharing exclusive pictures with fans on SubemeLaRadio.net.

Enrique encouraged fans to spread Súbeme La Radio around using the hashtag #SubemeLaRadio with all their photos and videos across social media.

The goal was to get the “radio” to 100% and Enrique would shared exculusive surprises with fans! As the radio got “louder” Enrique released never be for seen photos from on set.

When the radio reached max volume, Enrique announced he would be doing a Facebook Live Chat on March 14th.

Check out the exclusive photos from on set below:

Enrique Iglesias Celebrating Manger Fernando Giaccardi’s Birthday

Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova celebrated manager Fernando Giaccardi’s Birthday in Cuernavaca, Mexico last night.

Check out some photos and videos of Enrique celebrating the party and taking photos with multiple party guests.