Enrique Iglesias Talks New Music, Family & Legacy

Enrique Iglesias recently spoke to Leggo Italy before his upcoming concert in Milan on November 2nd.


In the new interview Enrique talked about his family, new music, legacy and more.

Read the full interview below:

What are you planning for the Italian stage?
“I’m writing various songs in this period and I hope an unpublished song is ready to be previewed in Milan. It will be a very personal job.”

Will you dedicate it to your children?
“For them I have written so many but for now I have kept them for myself: I don’t think they are good enough for the album.”

Are Lucy and Nicholas already fans of his music?
“If they cry, just let them listen to Bailando and start to go wild. I wouldn’t let them listen to my songs because I’m embarrassed, but the mother (tennis champion Anna Kurnikova) does it all the time.”

Do you imagine them already on stage with you?
“I don’t want to be a father-manager and I hope they choose any career, but not the musical one: this environment is ruthless. I just want them to be happy.”

An Italian with whom he would duet?
“Only when a song is ready, I think of the artist with whom to sing it, otherwise it becomes a stretch. My wish list includes many Italians, from Jovanotti to Eros, and of course Zucchero, with whom I grew up.”

 A memory of Milan?
“I lived there for two months when I recorded my first album at age 18 and I carry in my heart that sense of freedom that gives you anonymity, even if I don’t regret it. If I pass by without eating a plate of pasta I feel guilty.”

Isn’t it nostalgic?
“No, because I focus on the present. In two years I could be dead, what’s the point of crying over spilled milk or making long-term plans?”

What do you listen to when you are not working?
“The radio: I don’t like Spotify and I prefer to let myself be transported and discover unexpected sounds from all over the world.”

Do you have a “piece” of home that you carry around during the tour?
“The photos on the iPad: I watch them all the time because the lack of the family becomes excruciating.”

Your legacy?
“I would like to be remembered as a man of heart, capable of being there for anyone who asks for help, even a stranger.”

How’s your father, Julio?
“He lives near my house in Miami. It is a song close to home.”

Have you ever had a plan B?
“At 15 with my brother I lived three months in camping in Hawaii convinced to become a professional surfer, but I was not good enough. Today the only sport I deal with is football, but with a beer and on the couch.”


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