Enrique Iglesias Talks With ‘G1’

Enrique Iglesias recently spoke with ‘G1’ about music, returning to Brazil and more.

During a recent phone interview with ‘G1’  Enrique talked about music and censorship, touring and returing to Brazil as well as being a father to Twins.

Check out the interview below:

G1 – In January, you released the single ‘El baño’. By the way, Latin pop has been doing very well in recent years. How do you feel about this? I mean, you already knew that this sound style had potential when it was not ‘modinha’ yet.

Enrique Iglesias – I do not know if I knew … [hesitates to respond]  The world has changed a lot, and I’ve been incredibly surprised by how much Latin music has spread all over the world, you know, how popular it has been in places where you do not speak Spanish.

I think it has a lot to do with the rhythm, the energy, the fun and the pleasure it gives to the listener. No matter, anytime you listen, in any environment, you will have fun and will enjoy. You put Latin music to play and it always feels good.

It has a little of this same Brazilian thing: it makes you feel good, it makes you feel happy, it makes you feel energized.

G1 – As you said, many fans do not even understand the lyrics. But some people criticize the reggeaton saying the lyrics are macho. How do you respond to this?

Enrique Iglesias – I think people criticize many different types of music, you know?I think music should not be censored. Music is a way of expressing itself. It’s an art form.

I think it should be controlled, if we have children, you know? They should not listen if you think the lyrics are explicit. So make sure you’re not going to listen.

It is not something that should be blamed for other problems that may be affecting society, you know? It’s like blaming the metal for [inciting] violence, you know? I do not think it’s a fair thing to do.

There are songs that are explicit. But whoever has written has a reason why he wrote. I do not think you should stop because of it.

G1 – You have already made partnerships with several Brazilians, like Zé Felipe , Luan Santana and Sandy & Junior. Who else would you most like to work with? 

Enrique Iglesias – For me, the partnerships have a lot to do with the songs. I was never lucky to choose a partner before the song was written or finished. Because that way it never seemed to work.

I like to write music and then think about collaboration, you know? With Sandy & Junior, I have incredible memories. It was one of my first career partnerships.

And with Luan it was so nice, so cool. And it was very easy to work with. It was an important song for me and hopefully for him too, “Bailando.” I was very lucky.

G1 – Do you like Brazilian funk? Do you know anything, Anitta or anyone else?

Enrique Iglesias – I think everybody knows Anitta (laughs).  Anitta is a powerful, very powerful artist. I’ve watched a lot of her videos… her music is good, the stage presence is extremely strong, she’s sexy, sure of herself… there’s everything you’d want to see she’s very confident.

It’s a person who impressed me when I saw her first videos, how confident she was. You can see it in her, in her performance.

G1 – Yeah, looks like you’d like to partner with her.

Enrique Iglesias – (laughs) With the right music, obviously.

G1 – You released your first album in 1995. Have you changed a lot?

Enrique Iglesias – Ah, yes. The craziest thing is that I remember my first visit to Brazil, I went to São Paulo in 1995. I was an 18-year-old boy. I remember releasing my first record … P *** a.! Sorry [laughs].

It’s incredible, because … It will sound contradictory what I’m going to say, it seems like it was so long ago, but it seems like it just happened. I changed so much musically, and in ways I could never imagine that I was capable of change.

If someone at the time told me that one day I would sing songs like ‘I like it’, ‘Tonight’, ‘Bailando’ or ‘Duele el corazón’, or that I would travel from English to Spanish in different directions, : ‘Wow!’.

My writing has changed so much. From a personal point of view, I have matured a lot. But in many other ways I still have a lot to mature. When I was 16, I felt that I would achieve my greatest achievements in the final years of adolescence or in their early twenties.

But, from a personal perspective, I was very immature, I still looked like a kid, I feel like I’ve changed as a person, I’ve definitely matured as a human being.

G1 – And you now have children, right?

Enrique Iglesias –, I became a Father and this definitely changed things a little. I have two children [a couple of twins]. They are 12 weeks. Sorry, they’re going to be 13 weeks next Saturday [March 24th].

G1 – You sing in Spanish in your last singles: ‘El perdón’ (2015), ‘Hurts the heart’ (2016), ‘En tu me la radio’ (2017) and ‘El baño’ (2018). What can we expect from your next album? Will there be more Latin pop or will there be surprises?

Enrique Iglesias – I plan on launching this year or early next year. But I’m trying to put together a group of songs that are very, very different. I was able to do this in English and Spanish.

My albums are based on individual songs, so I adopt a style, then switch to a completely different one.

I like the idea of ​​an album as eclectic as possible, not just conventional pop or just ballads or anything like that, I do not see things that way.

I analyze music by music. Maybe my first album had more ballads. But I did not do it consciously. For the past six years, I have been trying to go for various styles, as in the case of “Euphoria” [2010] or in “Sex and Love” [of 2014].

G1 – Finally, who will win the next World Cup: Brazil or Spain?

Enrique Iglesias – I do not know … I think it could be Spain, which has a really, really good generation of players.

But there is always Brazil, there is always Germany. They are consistent teams and are always expected to do well. They will always be dangerous no matter the situation. Hopefully Spain will play at a high level.

For me, my World Cup dream final would have Brazil and Spain – it would be like a dream come true.

This in a football perspective, because they are different styles, but with great skill. It would be very cool to watch.

G1 – What team do you support?

Enrique Iglesias –  I support Real Madrid. There’s Marcelo! He is one of the best ever. He is one of the key elements in Real Madrid and also in the Brazilian national team.

(Source: G1.Globo.com)


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