Enrique Iglesias Talks About Twins, Touring and More With Clarín

Enrique Iglesias recently spoke with Clarín while backstage in Oslo, Norway on March 17th.

Enrique spoke about becoming a father, “I never imagined being a father, but now that I am I love it . I’m in love with my children . They are two miracles and have filled me with life. Since they were born have more energy, more desire to write and I’m more excited than ever.” 

And Touring, “The first three days are difficult. I really want to go back home and see them. I want to see how they grow. That’s why I try not to miss more than 10 days and come back even if it’s a day or two to be with them.” 

He also discussed if being a Father and strengthened his relationship with his own Parents, “I think so. My family was always very close. There are stages in which we do not see each other much because of work and especially because I travel constantly and my father also; But of course, yes, I think they are going to be very good grandparents and they really want to enjoy their grandchildren.”

Check out the full interview below:


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