Enrique Iglesias Speaking to “Merkur” About Being a Father, Touring and More!

Enrique Iglesias recently spoke to Merkur.de about being a father to twins, his relationship with Anna Kournikova and what he’s looking forward to when he returns to Munich.

Check out the interview below:

Interviewer: Mr Iglesias, you kept us waiting for 16 years – how come?

Enrique Iglesias: My last concert in Munich was a really long time ago. I think it did not turn out sooner. Too bad, because I have great memories of the city.

Interviewer: Which one?

Iglesias: My visit to the Olympic Stadium, for example. Experience Bayern Munich live. That was an incredible experience, a huge pleasure!

Interviewer: What can we look forward to on March 15th?

Iglesias: At a hot party.

Interviewer: Despite the currently frosty temperatures?

Iglesias: In the middle of March, hopefully it will be a bit warmer … And if not, then we just let the summer come to mind. I want to take my audience to a distant place with my music. We will have a good time together.

Interviewer: You became a dad a few weeks ago – are you taking your twins on tour?

Iglesias: Take away? They are already playing in the band!

Interviewer: Rattle?

Iglesias: No, drums! I’m just kidding … No, the little ones have to stay in Miami unfortunately. We’ve never been separated for more than four days – and now almost two weeks! That’s going to be pretty tough.

Interviewer: Have your children turned your life upside down?

Iglesias: Definitely. Many of my friends are already parents and will agree. Suddenly being a father is a miracle, a gift, an experience that is difficult to put into words.

Interviewer: Give it a try!

Iglesias: He who is a father is suddenly so much at the same time. Happy, proud, thankful, strong and nervous. It does not matter if and how long you slept. The only thing I want right now is that my babies are healthy. And happy.

Interviewer: Both are difficult to influence …

Iglesias: Unfortunately! I wish there was a guide to happiness. But I have not found one yet. Every child, every human being is different. I think that if I look back in a few years and realize that I gave everything, that’s worth a lot.

Interviewer: They have been together for over 15 years with former tennis star Anna Kurnikova. They seem to get on well with happiness …

Iglesias: I’m certainly not a relationship expert, but I know that the initial magic always evaporates. Only time shows what true love is.

Interviewer: What does she look like, true love?

Iglesias: Love means understanding, loyalty, cohesion. Not only when everything is going well anyway. Love is work, life is a constant balancing of inseparable units.

Interviewer: “Sex & Love”, the title of your tour – also such an inseparable unit?

Iglesias: Not necessarily. There are times when one can love oneself without being sexually active. It always depends on where in life you are.

Interviewer: Where are youb standing?

Iglesias: Definitely not yet at this point. Maybe when I’m 70 – or 90 …

(Source: Merkur.de)


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