Enrique Iglesias Talks With “!Alegría!”

Enrique Iglesias recently spoke with “!Alegría” about his upcoming concert in the Dominican Republic, Recording New Music and More!

Check out a scan of the article and the translated article below:

This coming Friday, November 3, the Dominican Republic will enjoy for the third time in the Festival President the Spanish star Enrique Iglesias. The artist, who had his first performance on this stage in 1997, and returned in 1999, returns more excited than ever, as he told exclusively for the section ¡Alegría! “I feel very happy and excited to return to the Dominican Republic and the Festival’s stage, which is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated ‘shows’. For me, to sing for the Dominicans is a great party. It is a meeting of friends because it is undoubtedly one of my most loyal audiences, “he said during the interview conducted via email.

In this opportunity, the audience will find Enrique Iglesias a little less romantic, because his music has been ‘splashed’ by the new trend of mixing pop with urban music and ‘dance’. Many artists have criticized the fact that Enrique Iglesias and other singers such as Ricky Martin, Chayanne and Shakira, etc., have mixed their music with urban music by collaborating with performers such as Wisin, Maluma, Gente de Zona and Pitbull …, noting that they have left their roots to follow the commercial fashion. On this subject, Enrique argues that each collaboration has meant a step in his career, whether in pop, bachata, dance or urban genre. “You have to flow with the trends and not criticize, which is very easy. In my case, I have tried to mark my own step; be my own competition in the sense of daring to innovate and explore new genres. I think the fans knows when something is genuine. My collaborations with each artist has their essence and their magic, “defended the artist who has recorded songs with Juan Luis Guerra (“Cuando Me Enamoro”), Romeo Santos (” Loco “), Marco Antonio Solis (” El Perdedor”), Pitbull (“I’m a Freak”), Nicky Jam (“El Perdón”), Wisin (“Duele El Corazón”), Gente de Zona and Descemer Good (“Bailando”) and (“Súbeme la radio”) with Zion & Lennox & Descemer Bueno. That same attitude of openness to the trends and changes brought by music is what Enrique considers to have been the key to staying in music: “Being open to new sounds and proposals helps one reinvent himself. Going out of the comfort zone and daring to merge rhythms is the key “, commented the “Bailando” singer.

Another change of music to which Enrique has had to adapt has been to launch song after song and not to create so many recordings. Despite this, he told ¡Alegría! that he is working on a totally unpublished album to release with the Sony Music label. “I do not know if releasing discs is still profitable, when everything is already a ‘click’ download, but the artists are excited to deliver a full album to the fans, despite the changes in the music industry,” he added. the artist who premiered his last album, “Sex and Love” in 2014. About his performance. Those who have been able to enjoy Enrique in one of their ‘shows’ or watch some video of their concerts know that the artist is completely devoted to his fans and for his presentation this Friday he promises that it will not be the exception: “That night of the festival I will be alone with you. Let’s sing, dance … enjoy the moment. The fans are the ones that always set the tone for how the concert goes on, but I always go with the purpose of leaving my heart and having fun. ”

From his visit to the Dominican Republic, Enrique Iglesias confesses that what he likes most “is the people, to see the friends, the delicious meals, especially to enjoy the sancocho and the famous mangú”. After his tour of the country, Enrique will continue the second part of his tour of the United States, as well as visiting some countries in Europe and Asia.



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