Enrique Iglesias Talks With “El Especialito” Magazine

Enrique Iglesias recently spoke with El Espacialito where he talked about working on new music, his relationship with Anna Kournikova and his work with Save the Children.

Check out full scans of the magazine below, as well as a translation of the interview:

To date, Enrique has placed five singles in the five top spots on the Billboard Hot 100 (including two number one), and holds the record of having placed 27 songs in the top spot on the Billboard Hot Latin Tracks.

We recently had a exclusive interview with Enrique Iglesias and spoke about his unequaled career and how he balances fame with family life

Since your first album you had an incomparable success but you can say that your artistic career was reborn after “Bailando.” What does this song mean to you?

I can say that I feel very fortunate to continue counting on the support of the fans, of my team, and to find those songs that are made memorable. You’re right, “Bailando” was a watershed in my career. It opened a new way of seeing and making music. That process never ends because our job is to always be one step ahead with current music.

You’re still working with Gente de Zona. Where and how was this friendship born?

I feel very happy with everything that is happening with them and if we were to make them know in Cuba that already leaves me satisfied. They are people with a lot of heart and surely we will do many things together.

Let’s talk about your presentation at Festival Presidente 2017. What can readers and fans look forward to?

My heart is on the stage. To return to Dominicana, is to return home. They know me from the beginning and I can not stop coming back, it is always an experience full of joy and satisfactions.

Now let’s explain to people about your philanthropic work with Save The Children. Is it true that the idea came after you suffered an accident with the drone?

Correct, the root of the incident I suffered with the drone in Tijuana, the degree of how scared I was and the degree of emergency to find a doctor and others. We thought about how we could make this experience something positive for people with no resources, so we arrived at Save The Children. An organization that does titanic work for all the children of the world and with the shirts that we sell online and at the concerts we are touching many lives and that personally is my biggest personal challenge, to continue making and donating more to make a difference.

You have a relationship of more than 15 years with the Russian Tennis Player, Anna Kournikova and your fans are dying to know when you will have children. Can you tell us something about your love life and family to your fans?

My sentimental life is very good with Anna. I’m still in love with her and my fans are happy with my current state, to say more is to repeat myself. We are happy as we are.

You started as pop artists singing ballads but at this time you have adapted to the urban genre and you are one of the greatest exponents of this. What sounds do you want to venture into your next album? Is there something getting ready right now?

(Laughter) Of course there is much more to come. We have to change genre and indeed we are preparing several songs with quite interesting fusions. I hope you’ll be pleased.



One thought on “Enrique Iglesias Talks With “El Especialito” Magazine

  1. Thats a great interview Enrique Iglesias happy to read you are a great awesome artist glad to be one of your many many fans 😊 you are a man with a golden heart 💕 and your music is so beautiful i always listen to your music also my daughter keep going to make more beautiful songs 🎶 big hug from a big big fan from holland🌺❤


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