Save the Children Thank Enrique Iglesias

Save the Children is the latest charity Enrique Iglesias supports and last Friday, in Las Vegas, Enrique got a special message from some preschoolers in Mexico thanking him for his help!

Enrique has raised money for Save the Children’s, Healing and Education Through the Arts (HEART) Program that helps children heal from natural disasters or deaths in their family.

On tour Enrique sells shirts to support Save the Children, profits from the T-Shirt have been benefiting one preschool class in Mexico directly.

In Las Vegas on Friday, Enrique met with a preschool teacher in Mexico named Romero, who’s preschool class directly benefits from Enrique’s #Hearts4Kids program.

Enrique got the chance to watch the preschoolers thanking him through a video message. Watch the video below:

In the video below, Enrique is watching the message alongside the children’s teacher:

Backstage, Enrique also signed shirts and hats for the children who have benefited from the HEART Program in Mexico City.

Enrique also talked about the HEART Program:

“I was so surprised to get this message from the kids in the HEART program, My heart goes out to Marina and all of the children of Mexico who are dealing with instability and stress. But it’s encouraging to see how Save the Children is helping these kids cope and become more resilient.”



One thought on “Save the Children Thank Enrique Iglesias

  1. Enrique Iglesias you are the greatest man in the whole world what you doing for those children is wow always think to other people you have a big golden heart❤ bless you dear EI 😊😍🌹🌺💕💖❤


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