Enrique Iglesias Nominated at the Teen Choice Awards

Enrique Iglesias is nominated at the 2017 Teen Choice Awards!

Choice Latin Artist:


Daddy Yankee

Enrique Iglesias

Luis Fonsi




How to Vote: 

1. Go to TeenChoice.com and click on “Vote”

2. Log into a registered Facebook Account

3. Go to the category “Choice Latin Artist” and click “Vote” next to Enrique Iglesias


1. Log onto your public  Twitter Account

2. Send out a tweet including @EnriqueIglesias + #ChoiceLatinArtist+ #TeenChoice. (Example, “I vote @EnriqueIglesias for #ChoiceLatinArtist at the #TeenChoice Awards”


You can vote up to 10 times a day across both social media platforms.




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