Enrique Iglesias and Pitbull Slated for a 2017 World Tour

Pitbull revealed that he and Enrique Iglesias will be hitting the road again next year, for the third time!

“Enrique, more than anything, just has an amazing platform,” says Pitbull. “What I love about Enrique is that he’s not only a great friend in the music business, he’s a great friend personally. He’s stand-up, he’s solid, he’s somebody that we’ve learned a lot from, and has given us amazing opportunities.”
“Look out for a world tour coming up with Enrique and Pitbull next year” stated Pitbull


Watch Pitbull’s new promo video where he talks about his friendship with Enrique and their touring plans, below!

(Source: Fuse/PitbullUpdates.com)


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